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Waterborne trade during the reduced Mekong nations of Vietnam and Cambodia has developed considerably, with trends in container targeted traffic at Phnom Penh port and normal cargo by means of Can Tho port the two displaying regular raises until eventually 2009 every time a lower in cargo volumes can be attributed to the global economical disaster as well as a subsequent drop in demand from customers with the export of garments into the US.[3] In 2009, Mekong trade acquired a substantial Increase While using the opening of a different deep-water port at Cai Mep in Vietnam.

Whilst considerably downstream as Kratie, the Yunnan component tends to make up Nearly thirty per cent of the standard dry year move. A significant worry is always that the continued and prepared enlargement of dams and reservoirs over the Mekong mainstream in Yunnan could have an important impact on the small-circulation routine from the lower Mekong basin program.[eight][ten][11]

During this record, an try has become produced to arrange phrases by their unique kind and provides translations and synonyms in other languages along with the definition.

Rohatsu Each day usually honored given that the day in the Buddha's enlightenment. Whilst deep in meditation beneath a bodhi tree, he attained enlightenment upon observing the morning star just at dawn; celebrated over the 8th day possibly of December or in the 12th month of your lunar calendar

gongan, lit. "general public case", A meditative strategy developed during the Chán/Seon/Zen traditions, frequently consisting of a dilemma that defies Resolution through rational thought; see koan

A popular application of dependent origination may be the Twelve Nidana, or twelve inter-dependences (Sanskrit: dvādaśāṅgapratītyasamutpāda; 十二因緣, 十二因縁 Cn: shíàr yīnyuán; Jp: jūni innen; Vi: thập nhị nhân duyên), which might be:

dokusan A non-public Conference involving a Zen scholar and also the master. It is an important aspect in Rinzai Zen coaching, as it provides a possibility for the scholar to display comprehending

This age corresponds to the start on the Latter Day of the Legislation (末法時期 Cn: mòfileǎ; Jp: mappō) if the (historic) Buddha's teachings would get rid of all electrical power of salvation and perish (白法隠没 Cn: báifǎméi; Jp: byakuhō onmotsu) as well as a new Buddha would seem to save the people today.

dhamma/dharma Normally refers back to the doctrines and teachings on the religion, nonetheless it could possibly have broader employs. Also, it is a crucial technical expression that means a little something like "phenomenological constituent.

[8] find this As in other places within the basin, forest include read review has been steadily minimized through the past three a long time by shifting agriculture and everlasting agriculture. The cumulative impacts of these things to do within the river regime haven't been calculated. Nonetheless, the hydrological impacts of land address variations induced through the Vietnam War were being quantified in two sub-catchments in the decreased Mekong River basin.[nine]

" This results in the prospective for confusion, puns, and double entendres, given that the latter meaning normally has destructive connotations

The 3 durations are even further divided into 5 five-hundred yr intervals (五五百歳 Cn: wǔ wǔbǎi suì; Jp: go no gohyaku sai), the fifth and past of which was prophesied to generally be if the Buddhism of Sakyamuni would get rid of all electricity of salvation in addition to a new Buddha would this article appear to save the folks. This period of time would be characterized by unrest, strife, famine, and various, pure disasters.

namo An exclamation displaying reverence; devotion. Usually placed in front of the identify of the object of veneration, e.

The acute seasonal variants in stream along with the presence of rapids and waterfalls within the Mekong make navigation complicated. Nevertheless, the river is A significant trade route in between western China and Southeast Asia.

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